"Our vision is to help all retailers to sell more and to make it easier for shoppers to buy stuff online."

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René Pour


Berenika Belko


Jan Sokol


Barbora Kolláriková


Miroslava Schönborg

Head of Digital Communications

Simone Rossin

Head of System Administration

Michal Kopáč

Business Development Manager

Peter Hunt

Creative Copywriter

We started with an idea. We built upon our principles. The concept for zoen.shop was born out of frustration, inspired by strangers because until we connect, we are all strangers to each other. Perhaps we might say, most great ideas are driven by the need or desire to improve something or solve a problem. The problem we saw was actually a vast opportunity. We saw that online retail was somewhat stuck in the flat page shopping cart era, a click, a tick and not really slick.

We thought about all the apps and ways to pay that have come to be, we felt that online retail was a little bit 2002. We saw people, products and pages, but the people could not see each other. We started to wonder how the last two decades had missed the connectivity evolution for e-commerce.

We know: "If you engage your customer in a conversation, the success rate for the sale is 90%"


Thus, the idea formed to humanise online retail through a bespoke platform for live video shopping. You can be sure that it started to keep us up at night with our imaginations rather busy. The principle we put above all others was “people”. Shopping online meant being connected in a very human way using the power of video in a hyper-connected world. That’s why we created one-to-one live video shopping platform.

Everyone uses a smartphone, but we wanted to use a smartphone in a “smart way”. After a vast amount of consideration and contemplation, we evolved a solution that fused video, platformed products and services and PEOPLE. We called it zoen.shop, it’s time to start, it’s time to shop. Let’s get you connected.