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zoen.shop is made for everyone selling products or offering services. Whether you're a retailer, producer or any other company that wants to communicate with their customers in real time, then zoen.shop is for you too. We live in an era of digitalization and customers' behaviour is changing rapidly. People want to be able to shop online, hassle free, from wherever they are; but they also want personal interaction and tailor-made shopping experience. Our platform offers integrated solutions combining the best of both worlds - online and instore shopping. There is no other provider that gives you everything in one service. zoen.shop offers high quality smart features, but it's also very simple and easy to use. Check out all the key benefits it can bring to your business.
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zoen.shop - video call platform

Cutting edge video call platform

in the world they are.

You can present your products and services, offer advice, answer any questions and give a feeling like in a store to all your virtual customers.

zoen.shop - one click payment

One click payment & regular payouts

confirm the purchase and pay online. All with few simple clicks.

Payments go through zoen.shop and you will get your payouts daily/weekly, no matter how much you sell.

zoen.shop - instore experience

Instore experience on any device

present your products in real time.

This works on the computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any other smart device. All you need is internet connection and you are set.

zoen.shop - personal advice

Personal advice & human touch

as customers often need help in an actual shop. With zoen.shop, you can give your customers exactly that, without ever stepping foot in your store.

Personal interaction, real time engagement, tailor-made advice and humach touch will help you sell more, faster and better.

zoen.shop - upsell

Upsell opportunities & safe transactions

That gives you an amazing opportunity for upselling. You can easily increase your sales by showing customers also other products they might need and by offering them extra services.

All transactions are going through zoen.shop and they are 100% safe.

zoen.shop - customer and merchant support

Merchant & customer support

platform and how to serve your customers in the most effective way. You can watch educational videos or get in touch directly with our support team.

We also offer support for the shoppers – whether they need help with their account or payment or any other issue. Our support lines are here for you.