The future of retail is V-tail

Imagine a crazy business model, you have to commit to a long-term lease for renting a retail space, perhaps lasting 10-20 years, maybe more. On top of that, the locality such as a city, town, or state then charges you a non-negotiable tax or business rate just to be there. Utilities also need to be paid for, telephones, Internet, water and power.

Before you open the doors, you have to make a significant capital expenditure to fit out the store. Unfortunately, trends change, wear and tear exhaust the investment and you need to reinvigorate the space with updated layouts.

As you trade, marketing materials require creation, printing, and assembly. Theft of stock is a constant risk and the cost burden of maintaining the right inventory puts pressure on cash flow. There’s more, The business will need insurance for the stock and retail space, including liability for people who are in the space. let’s hope those consumers even turn up.

The four seasons change, come rain or shine staff have to be on-site throughout. Competitors might open up next door, important landmark stores that drive consumer footfall might disappear, go bankrupt or end an important lease locally. It might get even worse, there could be an unthinkable global pandemic, and the location bereft of people for weeks or months. You still have to maintain ongoing costs, pay staff and keep the stock moving. Even if you had good luck, stock needs to be on hand all the time, throughout the day, week, and the year. Have we sold you on the concept of legacy retail?

Global reach

There is a better alternative, it’s the globally accessible online store in its many formats. This could be as lean as an Instagram shop, a Shopify account, perhaps you will build the next Amazon, the choice is yours. Most of the above business models need not apply. This is not a new or revolutionary concept but it reminds us of the stark contrast to the world we once lived in and just how much more versatile and attractive eCommerce is. But consumers are demanding, they can compare with ever more tools and never-ending potential choices. New trends and brands encroach on established businesses, this is the nature of business, this is the challenge that agile enterprise is stimulated by. It will never be any other way.

Humanized V-tail Shopping

How can you differentiate your business model, be it retail or e-tail? It can be greatly improved and redefined with a sales channel enhanced by a video shop. This takes online one giant step forward into V-tail. Imagine being able to deliver the one-to-one, face-to-face of the bygone store age, yet with all the advantages of the online business model. That is exactly what envisaged and has made possible. The digital reach efficiencies that make online so much better are bringing the eyes that buy together with the scope of the sales possible by video call.

Pandemic Extermination

We live in a world that has radically changed and has changed very quickly. The luxury of a gentle transition to online for old school retail was delt a cataclysmic shock and even the biggest retailers shuttered thousands of stores. Many retailers simply ended life as physical retailers; some were rescued only for brand goodwill with new owners online. The UK giant Top Shop and household name Debenhams, a chain of department stores more than 200 years old are now just owned as digital brands in new hands. GAP UK has abandoned the stores completely and will be a pureplay online e-Tailer going forward. Could it be any clearer that the game has changed?

Future Shopping

Consumers will always want to consume and we know that there will be many successes in delivering the experience they want. People want the products they desire and the brands that they love. The key is to do that better. We define better as blinding the very best of face-to-face but for the digital world. We deliver that with an elegant solution of V-tailing via video shopping. Removing the friction of buying is fundamental, involving the humanity of interaction and selling is our central value. There is little to be gained by lamenting the loss of a world that has passed, there is everything to be gained by embracing Zoen.Shop. We think you will agree it seems a lot better a proposition than the bricks and mortar model and we hope you will see adopt V-tailing before your competitors do.

Let’s Connect.

Let’s get you up and running for V-tail,, ready to meet you face-to-face, because video channels bring us together.