How to increase your revenues via video call

More Eyes, More Buys

Technology for consumers is about making shopping easier. Technology for merchants is about increasing revenues and improving the bottom line. The total focus on value-added functionality is the primary purpose and vision of We aim to empower online shopping with the very best of V-Commerce. Maximizing sales revenues with an industry-leading video shopfront offers the merchant a landmark advance over competitors and better engagement with consumers.

Increasing revenue really depends on maximizing the frequency and quality of the interactions from prospective buyers. With V-Commerce, delivers this. The key is rapid, fluid interactions gained by doing business face-to-face. Our focus is to wipe out response times, leaping over the impersonal chat box.

We believe the consumer deserves a lot better than just a response ticket or a digital chit-chat interaction. By the meeting of eyes, we see the power of reconnecting the human experience, reengaging a premium relationship. Seeing eye-to-eye allows merchants to build a robust pipeline of future business between the human eye. We might just call it a humanized technology. your customers, your benefits

Faces not Friction

The elegance of blending online products with payment and personalized salespeople is the true power of The opportunity in increasing sales is perhaps the biggest driver for embracing V-Commerce because it takes the unit or sales decision away from just a click and a cart, the decision is taken at face value, it’s very human. Once your is active, the old click cart seems a bit like the old horse and cart. All the consumer needs to do is authorize the transaction according to the face-to-face decision. It sounds simple because it is. There are some powerful tools that have been optimized to create simplicity and a smooth transition. This elegance runs the overall experience all the way through to payment and shipping or order completion.

Face = Time

Consider the amount of time that passes in both directions simply exploring a pre-sale transaction. A time lag runs the risk of a sales drop, at best it might mean a lower value transaction or one much later down the timeline. By doing business face-to-face, both the buy and sale sides can save valuable time. As we know, people buy from people. This enhanced relationship value allows merchants to manage the entire sale in as near an agile way as being physically located. There are so many micro-expressions that play a pivotal role in closing sales, this means you are not just listening to the needs and wants of prospective buyers, you can see them, you can put a smile on your consumer’s faces and see them too. We are really making a cold transaction into a warm transaction because we buy with our eyes and we buy from people.

Bye Bye Buyer’s Remorse

We all know the feeling of committing to buying a product or a service and not long after having a sinking feeling and second thoughts, we call this buyer’s remorse. People might be inclined to click cancel and abandon an order. With the significant advantage of V-Commerce, the chances of this should be reduced due to an omnidirectional human relationship and a better understanding at both ends. makes the experience full of human emotion and connection, thus offering the merchant significantly greater connections with consumers of all kinds.

Full Attention, Sales Retention

As we have re-personalized the shopping experience, we are remaking the entire sales cycle. The initiation of a prospective sale is just the first part. At the very end of the sale, we might face the prospect of a potentially lost order. The power of brings the advantage of face-to-face sales retention. This brings the ability of the salesperson into play offering a vastly stronger opportunity to retain sales and even upsell. Literally, buyers and sellers can see eye-to-eye and this means greatly improved potential to better manage sales retention because engages the full attention. The essence is the very human use of technology for maximized revenue.