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Getting Paid is Rather Important

Long ago merchants traded and bartered with shells, shiny pebbles and trinkets, it might seem odd today, but nothing really changes. For example, would you imagine that a vast global phenomenon would emerge whereby people would beg, borrow or steal to buy and sell nothing more than a branded digital computer file? It’s called Bitcoin. A decade ago, you could have bought a single Bitcoin for just $0.10, today as I write, that single digital file called “a Bitcoin” is trading at $65,000. There are only two things that are really needed to make paying with a monetary unit happen.

Trust & Acceptance

For the digital world where merchants and traders converge, the transaction is still based on trust. These days this means that a merchant or trader needs to be a legally verified entity, trusted and accepted by the payment platforms of the financial brands and channels that power our world. When V-tailers or E-talers accept a payment for goods or services, they have already entered into a legally binding agreement with payment processors such as Visa or MasterCard. As a merchant, they are bound contractually to conduct themselves correctly. If an order is not fulfilled, perhaps by failing to deliver a product or maybe by selling a service not matching the promises of the sale, the payment processor can cancel payment. We call this a “charge back”. This means the payment is sent back to the consumer, it brings trust and integrity to the world of buying and selling.

Consumers Consume

Consumers will consume, but only if they have confidence to trust the merchant and trust in the format of payment. Our ancestors like some kind of Fred Flintstone character might have had the luxury of buying a rug or an animal skin to wear face-to-face from a known merchant in the tribe. Handing over those valued shiny pebbles, if the woolly mammoth skin was fake, perhaps Fred could club the seller over the head and send him back to his cave to consider the bad transaction. Clearly, it is somewhat less commonplace to resolve such disputes this way today, pain comes in the form of cost and compliance.

Transactions, Trusted & Easy

At we have invested much time and effort making the entire buying experience trusted and easy. Only reputable business approved by the world’s leading payment channels can trade. Gone are the pebbles and, you will be reassured to see some big names you know well. All merchants and consumers need to think about is what to sell and what to buy. As a cutting-edge V-tailer, you can rest assured that all of your transactions run over the safe and secure payment channels you have come to trust. Although we do not accept pebbles, we think these should be just fine for everyone. As Fred Flintstone might have said:

It's; “Yabba Dabba Doo! And over to you”. ​

At we offer the broadest payment options and choices, including all major cards our “flexible friends”. We also offer payment via Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Card Payments
We use Stripe, you can pay by; Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diners and JCB.

Mobile Wallet Digital Payments
We accept Digital Wallet Payments; Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Direct Transfer
We additionally accept payment via Direct Transfer from your bank account, in the EU these are SEPA Payments.

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