Selling Via Video, Made Easy

Evolution is the Solution

If there is one industry that embraces change and understands how to evolve and solve challenges it has to be retail. The entire narrative “retail” is so broad that it’s hard at times to define. Sometimes it’s hard to see where the edges or boundaries of either vertical or horizontal expansion or adaptation are. The one thing that is constant is the customer imperative. What you sell and how you sell it is shaped by the changing needs and wants of the customer. This is why we built Zoen.Shop specifically based on the customer and the retailer, a double-ended double win solution.

Putting the Customer First

Eyes buy, it’s that simple. Fundamentally, the development of our platform allows the framing of the product or service so that it optimises not just the product but the human v-tailer, this is the secret sauce of video call shopping. We had to blend the emotive motivation engaging the prospective customer “as if” both parties were together face-to-face. If we had not optimised the customer-facing end of the platform this edge would be lost. Therefore, we understood it needed to be customer-centric to make the retailer embrace live video shopping. In short, it had to be made easy. For everyone.

The Ergonomic Economy

Both the customer and the v-tailer need an elegant solution in any scalable business model, this becomes acutely more important with a video shopping platform because “reaction is an action”. During a video call, everything happens during the call flow. As both are talking, the clock is ticking and buyers clicking. This means in essence, as the salesperson is preoccupied with the call, the platform gives easy visibility in an omnidirectional view. Just as importantly, the customer can place an order and the salesperson can see this. Sounds easy, because we made it that way. It takes quite a lot of development to deliver such a smooth process. This is why we say is part of the “Ergonomic Economy”. Simply put, it means we had to put the click bits in the right places so that both seller and buyer can continue to remain human faces throughout the interaction all the way through to the transaction.

Ergonomics Everywhere

It’s worth thinking about the ergonomic evolution. There is a quiet secret that has been one of the biggest drivers in e-commerce, yet to the average consumer it has almost gone unnoticed, indeed this is why it is so powerful and works so magically by removing what we call, “transaction friction”. There are some massive names who we can enlighten you of. Think of Steve Jobs and Apple, who could deny that the way everything from the original iPod was a landmark in removing clunky ugly buttons with the introduction of a dial and clicking the circle do everything. This is ergonomics. We take for granted the genius in the design, one part that gives so much ease of use and broadness of control seems like it was always that way. The reality is that it was a revelation. We might justly call it user evolution. Obviously, that’s a physical world example. But in the digital space, the same quiet revolution was taking place.

Uber Easy

Do you know the name Travis Kalanick? He’s a lesser-known name than the legendary Steve Jobs but another revolutionary in the ergonomic economy. We bet you know the name Uber; indeed, you’ve probably used Uber or a copycat taxi service. It’s hard for many people to forget how much of a mess it used to be to get a taxi. Especially in a city or country, you did not know, poor cost transparency, grotesque cartels and exceptionally expensive taxi rights. For example, did you know that New York issues staggeringly expensive taxi Medallions that could cost a yellow cab driver around $45,000 dollars. Who pays for that? The customer! Until the Uber age the chances of getting ripped off or just good old fashioned poor service were sky-high. For example, Prague in the pre-Uber era had more pirates than the high seas. There are many a tale of woe where a taxi ride around the city could cost the unsuspecting passenger a small fortune.  There was considerably more than one “Pirate of Prague”.


The genius of Uber was driven forward by the relentless and under-appreciated Travis Kalanick. Put bluntly, Kalanick’s vision and execution of the business model shattered an old industry by providing a fluid, fair and fast way to get around town. And it’s not just the revolutionary aspects of the business model that were pivotal in making Uber mean more than you might think. The genius in the quick click order App is so simple. On the driver’s side, everything is easy, payment takes place, and the location from pick-up to drop-off and ratings are all so simple that frankly, a complete idiot can use it. Is Zoen.Shop another Uber? Well, we had a vision, we made it our mission to make v-tail easy for retailers because “easy is everything” in the ergonomic economy. Our ride is a video and go, click and quick, sounds simple but it takes a lot to make hard things easy. How will you know? Jump on in and let’s take the journey together.

Let’s get you up and running for live shopping,, ready to meet you face-to-face, because video channels bring us together.