How to learn from Social Media Influencers

There is a lot more to the impact and techniques from Social Media Influencers than duck lips and sunny beaches in the background. The biggest Influencers can reach an audience of millions and big brands can reach even deeper into their pockets to partner with such Influencers. Very often the key to increasing earning is the result of learning, therefore we must zoom in on what can be learned from the world of social media and those who monetize it. Let’s break it down:


The number one agenda for any brand, Influencer, or online merchant is to build an audience. The most successful at this are really building a relationship with followers, it is important to build an email list as this cannot be deleted by big tech such as we see with YouTube, Facebook, and the subsidiaries such as Instagram. A great way to engage an audience is to blend communications apps such as a Telegram channel or Discord.

The audience type is sensitive to the format of communication used, for example, Discord is often where younger audiences communicate due to the prevalence of gamers. An older demographic might be better reached by email for example. Imagine that you create a MailChimp account, brand it, and pop out a weekly newsletter around the product or service you sell. Let’s take an imaginary merchant “Wine Weekends”, each week you could create a blog-style post with highlighted wines, this can include embedded video, pictures, and text content.

You add in the channel links where your audience can directly connect and you can sell in a human face-to-face way. This is just the type of approach used by influencers. Build your audience, create trust and authority value and then leverage the powerful value of V-tail with your store links.

Frequency & Timing

Humans are creatures of habit; we all tend to do certain things at certain times of the day or week. Being more of an Influencer centric brand requires looking at things like when and where your audience is looking at your content. This can be via Google Analytics, CRM, (Customer Management) data, perhaps social media account data, or even just by keeping track of the busy times for orders and requests for information.

With a video shop channel, you can humanize the feelings of engagement and use all data to maximize the commercial outcomes of the channel. is really about using technology in a human way because people buy from people.

Identity Branding

What is Identity Branding you might ask? This is a lot more than a logo, it’s almost as if you are adding a flavor to the goods and services you offer. It becomes important in the style of wording you use, the type of text font you use, the visual mood you create. Imagine you sell skateboards to Generation Z consumers, what kind of onscreen video shop will they connect with? what should you wear?

Imagine if you were face-to-face in a bow tie and suit, obviously, this is not harmonized with the market. The same would be for a company who might provide professional services, perhaps you sell bespoke home office furniture, you would hardly go for a tricky hoody with a rude slogan on it, would you.


The really very smart Influencers understand something very important that you can incorporate into building loyalty for your online business and video shop. They see that not only are they building a brand and identity but the followers and audience also have a self-identity. These self-prescribed identities are the “new tribes”. Imagine you were selling a big-ticket online how to trade crypto course.

We have Bitcoin maximalists, which means they are more or less a tribe committed to the idea that BTC will go to the moon. The key to leveraging the influencer effect is to have those who identify with a product or brand associate you with that tribal calling. The more closely aligned to the identity they feel, the greater brand loyalty and the stronger the sales attachment grows. Video shopping gives you the power to monetize, you can meet eye-to-eye so that they can buy.

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