Step-by-step guide on how to start with

Welcome to – our revolutionary video call shopping platform!

So you want to start using but don’t know how? Fear no more, we are here to take you through the whole process, one step at a time. And if anything’s still not clear after reading the manual, you can always contact our merchant support with any questions you might still have.
Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to start with

1. How to sign up and get my account approved?​


Fill in all your info on the registration page – name, email, company, country, and choose a password.

Then a pop-up appears, informing you that your registration was successful and now you have to check your email and verify your email address.


Once you fill in the registration info, you’ll get a verification email. (Check also your spam folder if you can’t find it) 

Just click on the “Verify” link in the mail. Then a pop-up appears, confirming the successful verification.

2. What is KYC and why do I need it?

Instruction email & KYC

Then you’ll get an instruction email that explains what needs to be submitted – IDs, documents…
If anything’s unclear to you or you are not sure what exact documents are needed, you can always contact our merchant support and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

You can also read a bit more about KYC and why we need it. 

3. How to setup my account on

Your account

Once you submit all the documents, your account will be activated. You can log in to your account on the zoenshop website. The interface is user-friendly and very easy to use.

There’s a main menu where you can access your stores, sales team, goods, orders, invoices and your account settings.


The system will create a default shop, with the name of the shop and a PIN code. The integration code for the website will be also created. If you have more than one store, you can add / edit / remove them in this section.


The system will create a default employee / salesperson with the PIN code. In this part of the menu, you can add more sales people – each one will get a personal PIN code. They will need the PIN to log into the sales app.
Remember, you don’t need to hire a new sales person for this – all of your current employees, including yourself can use business app to answer video calls from customers.


In this part, you can all all the products or services that you sell. You can create them one by one (this is good if you only have few items) or you can import them all at once (this is useful if you have a lot of products)


Here you can see the list of all the orders made through app. You can filter them, sort them out, view, print and many other functions.


Here you can see all the invoices issues by to your business.


It’s very important to fill in your bank details – only once this is done, your store will be approved by and open for business!
In this part of the menu, you can edit your account settings, bank details, shipping methods and you can also change your password here.

4. Easy integration

Setting up

After you fill in all the data and set up everything in your account, we will approve your business. Now it’s time to set up You will get a script that you can copy and include on your site.

When all is done, you will see the admin panel in the top part of the menu that says “complete”. This means, you are ready to start selling through a video call. There is also an option to set “Available for calls” for all your shops at once. (In case you have more than one store, you will be able to set the availability separately for each shop )


Now, you will see on your website that the icon appears in the bottom corner. That’s what your customers and visitors of your website see as well. When they click on it, the pop-up window appears, offering them to start a video call directly with your shop. Here’s how it looks for them:


5. How can customers reach me? business app

When you set up the Zoen Business app, you (and/or your employees/sales assistant) can download the business app from Google Play.

Each sales person can log it with the merchant username, store PIN and their personal salesperson PIN.

Once the sales person logs in in the app, they can see the “waiting for a call” screen. When a shopper calls, the sales person answers and starts the video call right away.

6. What's happening during a video call?

Video call shopping process

When a customer calls, the salesperson who is currently logged in to the app can answer the phone. They will be connected with the customer via video call. They can start the discussion and then talk to the shopper the same way as if they were together in the store. They can show them products they’re interested in, explain the features, details….anything the customer wants to know about.

The salesperson can answer questions and when the customer is ready to buy something, they just say what they want. The customer doesn’t really have to do anything, as the seller puts desired items in the basket (at this stage, the salesperson can also add a discount). The customer can see the basket on their screen, so they can check that everything is correct.

When the basket is ready, the salesperson can fill in the shipping information and all the other details. The customer can then see this tab on their phone and confirm that everything is correct. At this stage, the customer can make edits too, if needed.

Then the payment window appears (only the customer can see that) where they fill in their payment info. The salesperson confirms the purchase and that’s it. All done.

7. What happens after the video call?

After the call

The customer gets an email with the confirmation of their purchase. You get an email with the details of the order. Now you can pack the items and send the package to your customer – don’t forget to add their invoice.

You can see all the orders in the menu in the your account, as well as all the invoices and transactions.


If you still need help or if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help you with everything you need.