The AI Powered Phone Holder

Smile, We’ve Got Our AI on You.

Smartphones are seriously powerful tools with so many combinations and solutions for use that it’s virtually impossible to imagine what limitations there might be for them. But, as is about the humanisation of video shopping, evolving the live shopping format with the tools and technology needed to improve. We saw a human problem to solve. We only have one pair of hands.

A Clue from the TV Studio

When you look at a live broadcast perhaps from the comfort of the TV studio or maybe from the hustle and bustle of a live street or sports event. Although you are interfacing with the broadcaster in front of the camera, it’s easy to forget that bringing that image takes at least a camera operator, an audio technician and a director. But as we began, you only have one pair of hands. So, we wanted to “give you a helping hand”, almost like a crew.

Steady As You Go

Fundamentally, a webcast, broadcast or cam-cast needs to deliver a clear, sharp and vitally, stable image. This means a tripod of varying kinds to hold the camera securely so that the images are stable. This is a realistic expectation and a prerequisite. Because being human we tend to move, it’s vital to keep the animated person in the shot and captivate the audience, be it an audience of one person or a million. We sought much more than just a static plastic phone holder, we wanted to give the look and feel of a studio team but obviously without the headcount and costs. The answer is a phone holding dock with auto tracking, and a whole lot more.

Introducing The Auto Tracking Phone Dock

The introduction of the 360° Auto Tracking Phone Dock is far more of an advance than just a helping hand. We started by making sure the phone would clip securely into place. The adjustable phone dock at the top can accommodate most smartphones. Inserting the phone into place takes a few seconds. All you have to do is ensure the phone device you will use for your live broadcast is charged with power and your shopping channel switched on.

Power & Connection

The Auto Tracking Phone Dock is about mass-market adoption, with this aim we sought a powerful device that was robust enough to deliver hours of smooth slick video casting and was easy to set up and reuse. The battery is a meaty 2,200 mAh capacity and is rated 5V1A. What really matters to Zoen.Shop merchants are two vital aspects.


How long can the device run per charge? Impressively, the Auto Tracking Phone Holder can operate continuously for between 6-8 hours depending on the level of motion tracking demand during the broadcast sessions.


What charging port will the device use? Type C. We know that rapid charging and an industry-standard connection were essential and frankly expected.


There are two important items on the front of the Phone Dock shaft. At the top of the broader lower stem where the battery and technical tasks are performed, visible on the front are the power indicator lights and tracking lens.


The radical advantages are reassuringly simple, the smartphone is now stable and secure in the phone dock. When the power lights indicating the activated camera lens and the motorised stem are charged and ready, everything is set to go.  The device is ready to track and rotate. The speed and scope of rotation are highly impressive, with the powered shaft able to rotate at 42° per second, with a rotation angle of 360° and a view angle of 105°. We felt it was paramount to deliver a solution where the user experience resulted in smooth, free-flowing movement of the broadcast, but vitally allowing a solo broadcaster exceptional freedom to express themselves “powered” by technology and not burdened by it. There is one giant advantage of the 360° Auto Tracking Phone Holder. AI.

AI Tracking - The Crew is YOU

We said we wanted to give our Zoen.Shop merchants “a helping hand”. Powered by advanced AI and the simplicity of a tracking lens to follow the subject in the shot, smoothly and broadly, we feel this AI functionality unlocks the true potential of live video shopping utilising the capabilities of the smartphone. In an age where we experience the influence of AI in so many ways, introducing such a dynamic solution to broadcasts, we believe it’s true that the only crew needed is YOU. The end result is the very essence of what live video shopping should be, “a high quality, omnidirectional human interaction”. Look them in the eye, enhanced by AI.


Let’s get you up and running for video call shopping,, ready to meet you face-to-face, because video channels bring us together.