VIDEO - the new sales channel

They say the only thing that is constant is change. In a fast-moving world perhaps the one thing that cannot change are the three fundamental things needed to trade. Products or services, vendors, and consumers. How this all comes together to transact is the great transformation we have seen from the evolution of the high street through to the revolution of the Internet. But things have become fractured, which means putting things together in a hyper-connected world is rather different.

Digital Screens are THE new Shop Windows

As we slipped towards the end of the ’90s and entered a new millennium, we didn’t know it but we were witnessing the peak of the dressed shop window. Bricks and mortar retail was about to rapidly decline. Indeed, in the early new century, there was considerable skepticism that the Internet revolution for retail would catch on. Bill Gates himself once referred to the Internet as a fad.

In the context of video shopping, V-commerce, or “V-tail” the digital screen is THE shop window. The screen has more power than a legacy store could ever have imagined. Optimizing THE screen for V-tail is the essence of We empower merchants to dramatically exploit a sales channel above and beyond the wildest dreams of the rapidly vanishing shop window.

Product Presentation

V-tail allows the merchant the broadest scope to showcase a product or service. The new window might be simply pictures, video clips, perhaps a webinar with either a live demonstration on a subscriber scheduled event or a one-to-one live interaction. This is immensely more engaging and impactful than a bunch of dummies sitting in a shop window on a rainy street with disengaged tired retail salespeople who might lack product knowledge or enthusiasm.

What the merchant chooses to do with the new shop window is up to them. The smartest will be building CRM, (customer relationship management systems) into the experience, capturing customer data, and re-marketing to qualified groups of consumers via exclusive offers, and digital sales events. There are no shop dummies in the V-tail world, on either side of the glass.

Switch Sell or Upsell

V-tail is not about products on a flat page. In essence, flat pages just offer a digital catalog, thus a rather binary environment. This means that the product is either in stock or out of stock, either in the right size or not. Look at everything from the consumer’s perspective and you can see how sales are lost.

With V-tail we re-deploy the value of the human person who can switch sell to products and services based on the best choice and take account of inventory dynamics. In other words, “be a salesperson”, and sell. With V-tail you have the advantage of D2C, (Direct to Consumer), free from the physical limitations of retail shop space. is using technology to humanize the shopping experience blending the best of historical retailing with the cutting edge of video-centric sales., From Pipeline to Primetime

V-tail is where a product pipeline becomes primetime because no longer is a product or service just being shown, it can become like a show. You are presenting to your audience, interacting with them, listening to their needs and wants, and selling to them. The distance of online to a greater extent disappears, you are shrinking the gap between catalog pages and adding branded personality and service with the eyes that bye. By building your customer base and expanding and refreshing the product pipeline, it’s “primetime, every time”. After all, this is face-to-face putting you ahead of the race.

Let’s Connect.

Let’s get you up and running for V-tail,, ready to meet you face-to-face, because video channels bring us together.