Video shopping post-lockdown

The pandemic and resulting panic have receded, lockdowns affected the entire globe and impacted life on a scale never seen before in the modern world economy. Technology was embraced from the young to the old and everyone in-between. For the most part, the powerhouse of economic and leisure activity either migrated to video conferencing with “Work from Home”, shopped online, or just entertained themselves by streaming content, be it music, films or gaming. There were really two viruses.

The bad one we know about; the other contagion was video communication and expanding adoption of eCommerce of all kinds. You can keep those masks on but take the blinkers off, as the final wave of the online revolution has ripped through the old legacy remnants who were less advanced in digital-centric life. You can get vaccines if you wish and refuse if you prefer, but the viral spread of video as a means of communication has become an unstoppable necessity for billions of people who now fully accept it. Video is used constantly. Societies discovered that being face-to-face for client engagement, internal meetings, school lessons or simply talking with friends and family no longer needed the commute. Gone are the challenges of urban parking or the lost time in between.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Perhaps you know the song “Video Killed the Radio Star”, a big hit from 1979 and is the most widely known version from the album English Garden, the Buggles. In 2020 video killed the sub-digital economy. They say crisis can breed opportunity, never truer than the total adoption of video across the globe. Video calling spans all demographic segments; the future is digital and we all know it.

Early Adopters

The reality with v-tail is that the early commercial adopters will be best placed to harness the benefits and can capture the likelihood of high-value consumers adopting video shopping. Now is the time to move early and catch the V-wave. Think of it in a way not dissimilar to Bitcoin, the smart early birds were buying Bitcoins at $0.10 a coin. These days, the value of the most famous cryptocurrency is in the range of $40,000. Your granny knows about Bitcoin, she might even have a wallet full of them. The essence is that the early adoption of a megatrend is generally very well rewarded.

The mass of society is truly comfortable and indeed grateful for the video communications transformation. It seems quite unthinkable that this will decline or even reverse. The world has changed because the world of communication and trade is a human experience. Our human instincts, from the very first hunter-gatherers, sought the most efficient way to hunt and kill our food for survival. Later, we humans innovated farming and reared animals. We, humans, sought the best return on our time and energy, thus migrating to the efficiency and advantages of video calling and video shopping with V-tail its simple evolution. Everyone looks for a big hit, the Buggles had one with their song. It is time to make your hit with, making shopping easier for consumers to buy with a frictionless buying process. V-tail with is very human, just like you. The V-tail video era has arrived, will you?

Let’s Connect.

Let’s get you up and running for V-tail,, ready to meet you face-to-face, because video channels bring us together.