Video Shopping Productization, What’s Best?

As V-tail video shopping accelerates the question of productization, how and what is best to prioritize for video sales arises. The answer is twofold. Firstly, we have the video show host, YOU. This is the platform to humanize the shopping experience and leverage the YOU factor because people buy from people. That said, people buy products and services. This means that maximizing the visual impact of the product is key. Looking at early TV advertising we saw the golden era of information marketing, basically showing a product in use, be it food, an electronic appliance, or a car. This means that you can create promo clips where a perfected presentation can be compressed into a mini trailer, this alleviates the repetition of the sales pitch and allows filtering of landed traffic to a site or social media account to be informed and ready to sell to as the consumers flow through to the live person. It is worth clarifying how this might look.

The product hook driven by either SEO or paid campaign delivers the product or service information. This might be flat page content, video, or pictures. Next click.

The mini trailer or visual content stimulates a call to action. Core product understanding has already taken place, this is the automated pitch. This might simply be a video sales letter or a written element of content. Next click. meets the prospective buyer face-to-face, a friendly warm smile is introduced to the hot prospect who is to an extent pre-pitched, as such a qualified lead to selling to.

Can Anything be sold on a Video Call?

Yes. We cannot see music, not until the birth of MTV made the video star. We can’t eat food through a smartphone screen but we can watch Gordon Ramsey having a kitchen nightmare. We can productize anything visually and we can interact with consumers and get hands-on with many products. The scope to engage the video caller is broad. The merchant has full control over the entire experience and the is the tool to unlock the hidden attraction of the products and the talents of the sales process.


How many times have you looked at a product online or had further doubts about a service? Perhaps you are still not too sure how big the product is, if you can show a product against a human user, perhaps the product is in hand, maybe it’s a bespoke home office chair to make your working day more comfortable or a gadget that you want to see humanized. is a powerful tool to unlock these sales blockers. Best of all, everything becomes human again. It’s like having a retail store in front of the world.

It’s it a Car, is it a bird, is it a Plane?

Tesla broke the dealership model by opening “galleries”, these became “see it” spaces in shopping centers. Believe it or not, various states meant that the transaction for a new car had to be conducted online because powerful dealerships had lobbied for state laws preventing galleries from taking sales onsite. We cannot all be like Elon Musk, but V-tail allows much the same scope. Imagine you had an exotic pet shop; the bird can be your video shop star. Perhaps someone will sell an aircraft over a video shop, if they do you can be sure that we will announce it. The product and how you showcase it are under the merchant’s control, we bring the magic of video shopping, but it’s your magic show and you are the magician.

Let’s Connect.

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