What are the costs of using zoen.shop?

Fixed on Future Growth

zoen.shop fundamentally is focused on working with partners who aim to grow robustly and as rapidly as they feel comfortable. A big part of a new beginning and helping that business relationship grow is the removal of financial obstacles. We see the right way to start as one that is both fair and flexible. What that means in a practical sense is to deliver a partnership business model that considers fees and start-up costs. We think you will find our approach refreshing and equitable right from the start because that is where all good things begin the journey forward. 

Start-up Fees

zoen.shop knows your favourite number. Zero. In a world of inflationary pressures with many seemingly unfair costs we do not want to add to the burden, thus you will be delighted to know that we do not charge any start-up fees. We want you to say yes, not ouch. We can begin together free from obstructive fees and mutually benefit from trade and the fruits of success. 

Monthly Fees

zoen.shop understands that the months come around all too quickly. Many businesses ride waves of seasonality, there are peaks and troughs, ups and downs and sometimes the occasional blip. That’s why we do not charge monthly fees making your business journey at least a little smoother. Whatever the month or season we will not charge a monthly fee for our relationship. Starting today remains all the way free of monthly fees. 

Your Aim's

We are interested to understand what you aim to achieve with your business, as we grow rapidly, we want to understand our clients and partners better, we welcome suggestions, ideas or improvement opinions. You might simply have questions about starting up and want to learn more about optimising for V-tail. zoen.shop is ready to talk and listen, we’re not just all ears we can video too. 

Let’s get you up and running for V-tail, zoen.shop, ready to meet you face-to-face, because video channels bring us together.