The current status of the platform has recently launched and right now it’s possible for everyone to register on the app and start selling via our revolutionary video call shopping platform. But maybe you’re wondering what exactly is possible to do in the first version of What is supported, what are all the possibilities and functionalities. Here’s a quick update and explanations of the most important features.

Merchant app

This is the app used by you – the merchant/seller/business owner. Here’s a list of things that you can do directly in the app:

  • Administration of merchant stores
  • Managing sales team – adding/deleting sales persons
  • Managing the goods (adding/editing/deleting goods in the store, import CSV file with goods)
  • Managing the way of shipping (adding, edit, delete)
  • Managing the orders (edit, print, change status of order)
  • Invoice overview
  • Transactions overview (filtering, searching, export to CSV)
  • Managing calls availability
  • Managing account settings
  • Managing bank details

The app is user-friendly and easy to use. It can be opened on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. There is a main menu where you can access everything.

Sales app

This is the app used by your employees / sales assistants / the sellers in your shop. Here’s the list of things they can do directly in the app.

  • Video call (zooming, changing front/back camera)
  • Managing availability of current salesperson
  • Searching the item goods by the ID, by the name
  • Adding goods manually to cart if not store in the app
  • Changing item price 
  • Adding discounts
  • Managing the cart (adding items, deleting, editing )
  • Inserting billing and shipping addresses
  • Adding notes related to order
  • Asking for order confirmation and payment

This is what your employees / sales assistants see when they login in the app and how it looks when a shopper calls.

When the video call with the shoppers starts, this is what the salesperson sees when they start adding products in the basket, followed by the check-out process and payment.

Customer's point of view

Your customers and visitors of your website will see the icon. When they click on it, the pop-up window appears, offering them to start a video call directly with your shop. Here’s how it looks:

When the video call starts, this is what the customers sees during the process:

Don’t forget to check out our intro videos to get more information about

If you have any questions or if you need help signing up for the platform, don’t hesitate to contact us.