How to sell effectively via video call

Effective Calls, Pitches and Timing

Selling via video call is really the essence of, although the selling by video “V-tail” is for many merchants and vendors a new format, we have an extensive range of references to build from. Regardless of what type of product or service you are showcasing, the reassuring reality is that selling is selling because trading by video is very human and people buy from people

Sales Frames

Opening Frame

During any sales process, we are effectively transitioning through frames of interaction. The fantastic advantage with V-tail is that we are not talking to prospective buyers, but we are “talking with prospective buyers”. This means that just like any normal introduction, be it face-to-face, over the phone or via video the quality and consistency of the introduction is very important. The clarity of the business and reason for the conversation is in itself a format that each business has. Opening Frames are so important that It is quite likely that one has become so natural in the daily life of a business that we subconsciously deliver them. However, in the case of selling by video, it will be wise to revise the opening frame, time and attention are key. What needs to be said and vitally the speed and time of how you say it will impact the prospects first impressions and the ultimate outcome. 

Explore Frame

Most people who have no experience of sales assume that the pitch and being a good talker is what sales are about. This to an extent is important, however, the truth is to open the prospect and engage them so that they do a lot of the work. Simply put, it’s about listening rather than talking. As each business model, product and service are unique, how you do that best is an independent choice. There is a reason why the prospective buyer has connected with you, they clearly have a level of intent to buy, the best sales process in the “Explore Frame”, will open up the wants and needs of the potential buyer. 


Nothing is more important than congruence. Sales are built by empathy, understanding needs and wants and thus matching these factors. The age-old adage about people buying from people is fundamental. Is what you are saying resonating and congruent? It’s it authentic and matches the prospect? This is the beauty of, the personalisation of the channel and the experience of interaction is made more human. Therefore, the congruency starts in the Explore Frame. Then it goes further. 

Pitch Frame

All sales processes have a “Pitch Frame”. This frame might be anything between very short, a little longer, but rarely any longer. This is because the Exploration Frame “should” have already established the needs of the prospective buyer. A good pitch will match the features and benefits to the prospect, answering the needs and wants are “the” sales factors. Objections are a blessing, the prospect is putting their cards on the table, yet again we can see the great advantage of the video channel that brings. Imagine the back-and-forth message tennis match when an online sales channel uses a text chat box or email. Cast your mind back to the times when you “almost” bought something online only to lack the interactive clarity or speed and gave up or bought elsewhere. If there is one advantage above others, brings to your business, it is the human ability to eliminate sales drop-offs. Having explored, pitched and matched with the prospective buyer, you will also have had the video interaction that leads to the buying action. 

Close Frame

Sales closing frames are the ultimate direction all sales conversations are heading for. Trial closes allow you to test the ready to buy, order details, matching and specifics in order to close business transactions. Significantly, allows the buyer to complete the sales in real-time during the video call simultaneously and throughout the video interaction. In essence, V-Tale makes “interaction into an action resulting in a transaction”. 

Powered Points

Cast your mind back to a time when you were unable to escape a really dull PowerPoint presentation. The chances are that the best ones you have seen are the ones you remember. The chance is even higher that the ones you remember were short, punchy and entertaining. The presenter was talking “with you” and not talking at you. Have you ever seen a presentation so poor that the presenter was propped up by the PowerPoint pitch deck? is about “Powered Points”, not PowerPoint. The channel you run is a powerful interactive platform giving you the scope to frame-by-frame move to the close of the sale. 

You decide the pitch, you put on the performance and have the power to put these points together however you best see fit. Based on our consultations with various business people, the time and length of what you do, show and frame flow is best optimized by using this approach;

Create a naturally flowing pitch script.
Create a rebuttal list, this is a list of answers to FAQ’s or objections.
Create some practice video calls with friends and colleagues, actors do just that. If it works for Hollywood, why not? 
Sales Call coaching, is powerful, it works. Employ a sales coach to launch your business into the video V-tail future. can help. Ask us. 

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